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Our people have significant experience from a wide range of security, fire watch, construction, and traffic control with law enforcement, military background, including state and Federal Government. We specialize in the fields of security services, construction, skilled temporally laborers/helpers, traffic control business and national intelligence as well as other operations. Bye great networking are we able to provide great services and total source of services to our clients in order to meet demands on a fast track. For Able Security is in network with Richmond workforce and programs of Veteran’s. We welcome you to our Able Security Plus Inc. custom website. We took the time to have this great website built to give you a great introduction to our great Traffic Control Services and reputation. Our customers for many years have raved about our great Traffic Control Services and attentive customer service.

Residents of Richmond, Alexandria, Fairfax, Hampton, Fredericksburg, and Norfolk and its surrounding area have relied on our quality Traffic Control Services for all their Traffic Control Services needs.

It can be very simple sometimes. Offer great Traffic Control Services and treat your customers right and the rest takes care of itself. We believe this. So much so we make great customer service our number one focus.

We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to assisting you time and again with your Traffic Control Services needs in Richmond, Alexandria, Fairfax, Hampton, Fredericksburg, and Norfolk.

Our expertise includes and not limited to:

  • Security Program Development and Implementation
  • Security Compliance and Audits
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Private Security Escort Services to Public Events and Programs
  • Security Professional Protection Services
  • Risk Management Strategies and ongoing advice/monitoring
  • Security Firer Watchman
  • Security Project and Program Reviews

Certified Officers as Security or Personal Protection: (Upon Approval By Departments)

  • Planning and Conducting Security Exercises
  • Continue Security Training and Evaluations
  • Construction Projects and Reviews of Sites
  • Construction Cleanup Exercises with Green Care
  • Construction Sites Follow up and reviews
  • Construction Skilled labors and Helpers provided
  • Traffic Control Training Basic (Intermediate Training Coming)
  • Traffic Control Services Skilled labors and Helpers provided
  • In putting Asphalt and Pot Holes Service in place (Coming)
  • Flaggers and Temp. Signs Placement
  • Courier/Delivery & Pickup Services by certified unarmed/armed Officers
  • Cleaning Services including Foreclosed Properties
  • OPEN House/AUCTION for any Real Estate Company
  • Certified Police Officers Off Duty as Security or Personal Protection

Capt. Thomas is certified to do basic and intermediate training in traffic control. Certification # 272646


Networked: NASBC, SAME, VDOT, Va Workforce Resource
Center, City of Richmond Department of Economic & Community
Development, DMBE, Procurement, DOD, CDC,
Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
Carter Procurement
U.S. Fire Administration’s (USFA)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
& Many More

We have worked for the following companies:


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